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About us

BioticFoods was born out of a passion for research into the beneficial effects of probiotic bacteria and for promoting a healthy lifestyle and nutrition based solely on natural ingredients.

Know how

The know-how used in BioticFoods is based on the many years of experience of its founders. The bacteria strains with probiotic properties used in the products are unique strains. Their uniqueness has been confirmed by patent applications to the Polish Patent Office, European Patent Office and the US Patent Office. BioticFoods cooperates with the Polish Academy of Sciences and Medical Universities in developing products and testing their effectiveness.


The word probiotic comes from the Greek “pro bios” and means “for life”. According to the definition presented by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), probiotics are “live microorganisms when supplemented in the right amount can cause beneficial health effects.”

Probiotic microorganisms include primarily Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, but also many other. However, only selected, strictly defined strains from a given species are characterized by healthy properties confirmed by clinical studies.

Probiotics used in nutrition are intended to help maintain the microbial balance of the digestive tract, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The main roles that probiotic bacteria play include:

  • colonization of the intestine and, consequently, displacement of pathogenic microorganisms,
  • improved immunity,
  • prevention of intestinal infections.

Not all lactic acid bacteria used in the production are probiotics, because not all strains cause the same effect in the human body. Probiotic properties of bacteria are characteristics of a particular strain (biotype) of a species. Preferred properties are inherently dependent, ie, appropriate for one selected strain of bacteria.



PROteinBIOTIC - Probiotic Protein Cocktail. First in Poland supplement developed in cooperation with the Polish Academy of Sciences. The only product available on the market combining high quality protein concentrate with bacteria with probiotic properties.

  • does not contain preservatives
  • does not contain gluten
  • does not contain sweeteners
A very high concentration of probiotic bacteria per gram of the product - over 200 million colony-forming units, in a portion of more than 5 billion colony-forming units.

  • regulates metabolic processes
  • improves the natural immunity of the body
  • increases nutrient uptake, including vitamins
  • regulates intestinal peristalsis and eliminates gastric problems
  • stabilizes the natural intestinal microflora
  • eliminates the feeling of fatigue
  • reduces appetite
  • recommended for:
    • people during and after antibiotic treatments
    • for pregnant women
    • elderly people with immunodeficiency and gastric problems
    • people doing intensive intellectual work
    • people practicing performance sports, e.g. running, swimming, cross-fit
    • people with impaired immunity and body performance due to prolonged treatment, e.g. "ICD" and "ICD". chemotherapy, radiotherapy
    • people with lactose intolerance and/or protein diathesis
    • anyone wishing to improve the general condition of the body
lactic acid bacteria: <Minimum 100 000 000 colony-forming units/g (1x10^8 cfu/g), Bifidobacterium animalis AMT30 minimum 100 000 000 colony-forming units/g (1x10^8 cfu/g);
whey protein concentrate (from milk).


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